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Monday, October 25, 2010

Happy Monday! :) (Bouncing back!)

Whew! That was better.

This weekend I had to make up for my terrible week. I did great! I survived a surprise birthday party and Sunday football, while making good food choices.

I was inspired by a quote by a fellow blogger…I cannot remember which blog I read it on...sorry!     

Here it is: "You will NEVER REGRET what you DON'T eat." Simple as that.

I used to get so caught up in the "taste" or the "idea" of eating a certain food, like I was an addict. You know what; I think I was a food addict. I didn't care if it was healthy or not, if I liked it, it was going into my mouth. Now I'm much more calculated in my assault on food. I think about how I will feel afterwards. Will I regret it? Is it worth an extra 30 minutes of exercise just for that little bite of cake? HELL NO! I would rather NOT eat it, and use those 30 minutes for something else. J

I spent too much time regretting what I ate last week, and in my "previous" fat life. I have wasted too much time eating crap. Imagine all the time I can have now…for blogging, internet surfing, hanging out with the family, playing with my pets, etc…as long as I'm not EATING! (Please note: I am not starving myself, just not eating crap 24/7 like I feel I used to do.)

Happy Monday! Have a wonderful week. J

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  1. Congrats on making good choices in the face of changing routine (surprise party) and regular (potentially habitual) food eating opportunities (football). You must feel great!

    Thanks for linking up with us for the Weigh-In Wednesday blog hop. We'd love to know what little mini-goals you've set yourself for the week ahead!

    Also, when you get the chance (if you haven't already), make sure you follow Anna from The Weight Loss Diaries and myself as part of the bloghop conditions. Look forward to hearing how you coped with Halloween! What survival tips do you have for others?


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