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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Day 21 - Ick…I gotta figure something out…

Okay, yesterday, I was doing fine…even got a 4 mile walk in…and then the dreaded bedtime snack cravings started…My husband got up and made him some nachos…BOY OH BOY…they looked soooo yummy! I did it. I couldn't help it. Before I knew what I was doing I had made myself a plate of them as well…I'm so mad at myself this morning! I know I will make mistakes but this comes too soon after a terrible weekend!

I need to set some goals to help me succeed:

1) I will more closely monitor my intake throughout the day…leaving some wiggle room for evening…that way I am sure to either be below my "points" or have that HEALTHY snack and not be over my "points" allowance.

2) I will make my snacks HEALTHY! (carrots would have made me feel better last night – even if I did go over my points!)

3) WEEKENDS – I will choose wisely at restaurants, ordering half sized entrées, foregoing the appetizers, and continuing to order water, etc.

4) WEEKENDS – I will exercise at least ONE of the weekends days and try to get my family involved. (IDEAS: Walks, playing in the yard, doing yard work, cleaning out the garage, using the home gym, etc.)

I am dreading weigh in tomorrow! I know I have been walking more and eating less than I used to, but I know I could be doing so much better. I feel like I can never do anything quite good enough for my own expectations…It'll be okay…I am just starting on this journey…it has only been 3 weeks…I should be proud of the changes I have made.


  1. Have you thought of removing the more tempting foods from your house?

    Hubs was irked at first but now he understands that there are only certain things that can be in the house.

    And he does have certain snacks that he likes that I hate so he can still get his snacking in without me having as much of a struggle with my willpower.

  2. Yes, for the most part the junk food is disappearing (or getting replaced with healthy alternatives)...Unfortunately I don't "hate" any of his snacks, so there will continue to be a few things around to tempt me. :/ I'm hoping he will come around and want to change his eating habits as well, but for now, I just need to be strong. Thanks!


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